Contracting Applications


Erosion Control 
Erosion control includes both temporary and permanent erosion mats, geotubes articulating concrete blocks. Geoweb soil-filled and concrete-filled.   




Mulitple applications for erosion control and slope stability. Road base stabilization and porous paving. Facing for mechanically stabilized earth walls. 


HDPE Piping
Butt fusion of HDPE piping for leachate collection. HDPE piping for both active and passive gas collection systems. 



High-strength Geotextiles
Butt Structural support for construction over soft soils and sludge lagoons.



Industrial Caps
Final closure of industrial landfill. Soil capping for Brownfield.


Landfill Liners and Caps
Construction of containment systems for Municipal, Industrial and private landfills.



Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) Slopes and Walls
Mechanically stabilised earth walls and slopes. Segmental blocks and vegetated faces. Soil anchors for cut walls with limited access.


Porous Paving
Vegetated pavement for overflow parking and emergency access.





Retaining Wall Repairs
Repair of failed segmental block and vegetated retaining walls.



Site Remediation
Soil stabilization and containment for site remediation. Includes liner systems and Liquid Boot for Brownfield redevelopment.


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